maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016


Good morning people!
So because it´s Monday, I decided to do some changes in my life.

First of all, smoking.
 I have smoked since I was 17 years old, so I think it is time to quit, before me and the cigarettes have 10th anniversary. Damn, now that I talk about it, I really wanna smoke... I smoke a lot I think. Well sometimes more than the other times, but still quite a lot. Quitting is not going to be easy, but this time I´m really going to try my hardest!

So when my friend Liine was here, we had fun... Until the next day when I had the worst hang over ever! I couldn´t even move my head! I thought I was going to die. I don´t ever wanna go through that again, so the best way to avoid it, is not to drink. I will drink a glass of wine time to time, but I don´t want to get drunk anymore.

I love working out. The gym is one of my favorite places in the earth. I also love to run. But most of the time, I am too tired, like so tired I could almost cry. And then I end up in the sofa eating snacks and watching TV. So I really want to focus on getting stronger and building a better physique, and that means going to the gym even when I am tired af. 

Lately I have been living on noodles and eggs. Sounds like a weird combo, right? Haha! I found out that there is gluten free noodles in stores, so I had to try. For two weeks, haha! No, but seriously, that is one reason why I feel so tired and sometimes dizzy. It´s amazing how much can diet make a difference on how you feel (that sentence feels weird...). So in order to gain muscle, I must eat as well. Good food! And then I will also try to drink more water. That is something that I am bad at. I always have water with me, but I just don´t drink enough during the day.

So here we are. Wish me luck! 

And have a great new week :-)


lauantai 24. syyskuuta 2016


Good Morning!! 

I don´t know... Maybe I´m too hard on myself. Now that I look at these pictures, they don´t seem SO bad. Not totally what I want, but I think I shouldn´t expect every picture to be perfect, I mean you 
can´t be a pro right away.

My freedoms ends today, I took a shift in a grocery store and tomorrow starts a new work week at the factory. As I have probably told you, it is two morning shifts, two evening and two night and then four days off. Well, actually I think they are kind of fooling us, since the first day off is after a night shift, so you ARE working on that day for six and a half hours and then you have to sleep for a little, so it is not really a free day, is it? 

Another thing. My legs are even worse than they were yesterday! I can´t walk!!! HAHA! And to make it even better, now my abs are on fire as well, haha! Well, good to now that I did something right at the gym. Just that it is not so cool to be at work and not able to move properly, heh. Looks like I have pooped in my pants when I walk. 

I have to get going soon (well in couple of hours, but I have to do some laundry and take Felix for a walk), so have a great Saturday and relax :-)


perjantai 23. syyskuuta 2016


Sometimes I really hate myself.

I don´t know how it is possible for me to ALWAYS manage to break my phones.
The first one was my first smartphone. I dropped it. Multiple times. I mean like ten times everyday. It was pretty hard to crack. The time I got those cracks, was when I threw my phone to the couch and I it missed. Yes, my fault. 

The second phone look pretty bad, right? That happened when I was at work and needed to pee. So in the toiler I leaned to put my pants down and the phone was in my chest pocket. It dropped. Straight to its screen. I almost cried. Maybe I did a little. And the engineer from work said that I shouldn´t bring it to the clean room anymore, that it doesn´t look so clean. So I bought a new one.

And what happened?
After a few glasses of wine with Liine, I got up really fast and the phone was on the bench next to me. I managed to move my hands just right to make the phone drop... And I have had that phone two weeks before that happened. I even bought a cover so that wouldn´t happen again. Clearly I should have one of those old phones that didn´t break no matter how hard you tried...

Yes, I shouldn´t have any nice things :-(



OMG, my legs are on fire!!! 
Can´t even walk normal, haha! Well, that is all you can expect when you have had a month break from the gym. So yesterday I had a workout to my butt and legs. It was the WORST workout ever! I didn´t get in the mood no matter what I tried to say in my head, you know "just do it!" "you can do it" "just a little bit more" etc.

I think it is partly because of the break, but mostly because I felt so sad yesterday. I don´t know why, well I think it was because I didn´t sleep after my night shift on Wednesday and I was simply just so tired. But I finished that workout and I am so damn proud of myself!

You know, I think I told you earlier that I am not going to compete in bikini fitness. Well, now I´m not sure. I would really like to do it some days and the others I couldn´t care less. I don´t consider it as a real sport, well, it´s not. It is a beauty contest. But still, I would love to know if I could do it. Could I handle it. So here is a thinker...

Anyways, today I did biceps and triceps and abs. That workout was wayyyyy better than yesterday. I already almost liked it, haha! 

Steven is most likely going to Estonia today, so I have the whole house to myself. It is nice being alone sometimes. I have planned to clean here and in the old apartment, eat a lot of food and maybe watch a movie, go for a run with Felix (which always proves to be impossible, because he is running everywhere and stopping all the time) and then I want to go to sleep early and wake up late. :-)

Have a happy Friday!


torstai 22. syyskuuta 2016


Hello, hello! :-)

I have been doing a lot today, first I took some more pictures for Silvebar and then a guy came to bring us our new fridge (the old one was broken before we moved in). And after all that I went to the old apartment to clean and gather all the stuff together. I forgot to bring boxes, ofc, so I couldn´t back anything per say, but at least I got something done, with the huge headache that I have been having all day.

Oh, I did have a small melt down this morning. Yesterday we went to take outfit photos with my bf and those turn out to be really bad, I mean I don´t want to use them. And it is hard when the other one doesn´t care or even try. I don´t mean to be complaining, I should be happy that he is even willing to take some time to do that, but it always ends up him telling me that “are we done? WHAT??? One more, I just took one. This is embarrassing, lets go” and me being sad about that.

I would really like to make this work, but I decided not to take anymore outfit photos. It is just not worth it. It really makes me sad, because this was really important to me, but I just have to give up the dream to make this blog just the way I wanted.  So for now on, there is going to be only pictures of my face and lots and lots of Felix, haha!

We are off to sauna now (yes, again) and then we are going to watch a movie on Netflix. And EAAAATTTTT, hahaha! That our thing, for sure.


keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2016


No, this is not going to be one of those "I just woke up" things. And that is because I haven´t slept yet, haha! And I´m planning not to until the next night. 
I was at work the last one, so I am feeling a bit funny now. I just want to get into the right rhythm immediately so here we go! I haven´t done this before, except the time we went to Spain, but then I slept in the airplane, so it was not totally the same. 

When I got home from work, I had to visit a super market to buy some plugs, because we had the "old" kind of lamps for the ceiling, and those don´t fit here. But one is already done (except that Steven said that I put it in a wrong place, he wanted some other lamp to the living room). So basically none is done, heh! 

Now I´m going to sauna, it is already heated (and yes, we have a sauna, which is awesome) and put on a face mask and hair conditioner and hopefully get prettier, hahahah! 

Have a great Wednesday :-)


sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2016


I take it back. Packing is NOT fun! At least when you have irregular work times and it all has to be done before you go to work. Like this morning. Up, quick breakfast and then all the stuff in the boxes and to the car. Lucky we have the rest of September to do all that, but we only have the van for this weekend, so we need to be done with all of the big stuff, like sofa, table etc by tomorrow. I'm at work now, but my boyfriend will get help from our friends, so I think we are good :-)
Except that I'm so sleepy. Well, just eight hours and I will get to bed.
Have a great Sunday!