tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2016


We have always had a lot of animals when we (me and my siblings) were growing up. Dogs, cats, horses, etc.

I consider myself lucky to have been surrounded with animals all my life. We all got our first pets at the age of eight, my sister got gerbils, I got guinea pigs, well I don´t remember my brother getting anything at that age, but later we all got dogs. At some point we had five dogs at the same time, added with four cats, three horses and two bunnies. 

I remember getting our first dog, okay the first that I remember. It was so small, white with some black dots. It was sitting there in a cardboard box and I felt happier than ever. That dog stayed with us for quite some time, she died when I was in Costa Rica along side with my dog and my sisters dog. It was devastating. 

I have really never considered dogs as pets, they have always been a member of the family. Like with Felix, I just can´t say no to him when he wants to get in the bed or sit next  to me at the dinner table (we have a bench, so it´s easy for him to climb there). I know dogs aren´t supposed to do that, but I just can´t deal with the puppy eyes that he gives me when I say no. And otherwise he is a very good behaving dog (AHHHAAH, it´s okay to lie to yourself, right?). Better to have some bad habits than be aggressive. And Felix is not, he loves EVERYBODY! Not shy at all.

These lambs and goats are new, but so funny. Especially the goats, I mean, look at those faces, haha! So cute. 
This post did not make any sense, once again, put whatever.

I´m going for a run with my baby boy. Have a great day!


maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2016


Seems like it has been a while since the last time I blogged... I have been "busy" as always, well that is my explanation, but really I have just had like zero inspiration to write anything. 

Eventho that is the main reason for being quiet here, I have done a lot of stuff as well. On Thursday I went to Turku, the plan was to return my brothers car (after having it more than half a year for free...) and to see my friend Tapio. I always try to see different people every time I go there, because it would be impossible to see them all at once, I tried it once and I was so damn tired after, haha!

We took some quick pictures with Tapio (he is very talented) and just talked. We realized that it has been one and a half year since the last time. Time flies so fast! It was really nice to see him tho, I have known him since first grade, so almost twenty years.

I slept at my dads and woke up at 5am Friday morning, to return the car before my brother went to work. On my way (it is already so dark in the mornings and there are pretty much no street lights on the way to my brothers (who lives in a middle of nowhere)) I couldn´t use the long lights because there was other cars, so what I saw was  like ten meters ahead of me. First there was one deer and I hit the brakes. But that one was so close already that there was nothing I could when the next one jumped straight under my car. I stopped and started crying. I went to the side of the road and there it was, so small and pretty much dead. It was moving its leg a while, but it stopped pretty fast. I called to my brother and cried that I just killed a deer and he was like, that is okay, just stay calm. And then this older man stopped with his car and told me to call emergency number, so I did. After that a police called me and thanked me for reporting and said that I can keep moving, but I had to place a plastic bag or something near the body. Of course there was nothing, so I had to tie it to its leg. Now that I think about it, it seems like a bad comedy, I´m there, putting a plastic bag to its leg crying and saying I´m sorry to the dead animal. Also yelled sorry for its friend who wasn´t hit by a car. 

I calmed down eventually and went to my moms place to eat breakfast and after that I visited my friend, she just bought a house with her fiance and it was so cute. Looked like them :-) Congratulations once more to my little one :-) 
I love you <3


tiistai 4. lokakuuta 2016


Just pictures today, I have nothing to say, haha! 
And the face of Felix tells it all anyway.

maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2016


I just got back from Turku, it is almost 1 am here in Finland. I should go to bed right about now, but my dad gave me this "fish eye"- lens for my camera and I just had to try it right away, haha! But actually it was okay, since I had to take Felix out anyway, so might as well, right?

I got the girls (and one boy) home safely from the airport and then I met my dad and his wife, I bought them some roses, their wedding anniversary was like two weeks ago, Joyce got so happy about it, she told me that my dad didn´t buy her any flowers on the important day. Men... Haha! I actually did get some flowers today :-) My boyfriend went to buy some food and came back with flowers. That is always so nice, makes me really happy. Not so much the flowers but the gesture that he thought of me :-)

Okay, now I really should go to sleep.

New week tomorrow, I always find that exciting, it is like a whole new beginning every Monday :-)


lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2016


I haven't had time to post anything since Monday, because we needed to clear the old apartment this week. It's done now, but man it was a shitty job to do, haha! And I had a problem with my car, it didn't start anymore, so today, after a night at work, I needed to call a guy to pick it up and take to a car repair place, since it wasn't going to be our parking spot anymore. I was so damn tired when I finally got home. And still I didn't sleep that well, I woke up like three times and every time I woke up, Felix noticed it and started to lick my face, haha! Such a cute and annoying little thing <3
Now I am at work, having my "lunch" break and dreaming about sleeping in my bed, next to my man. Just have to suck it up and keep going for couple more hours and then I'm free for the next four days :-) I'm going to Turku on Sunday, to visit my family. I am actually picking my friends up from the airport (you usually have to travel to Helsinki if you are flying to other countries) and then we are driving to Turku. Which is nice, I have company and they can tell me how their trip went :-)
Well, have to get back to work now. It's Saturday people!

Btw, that thing in my hair is actually a necklace, but I thought that it would look cute in the head also :-)

maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016


Good morning people!
So because it´s Monday, I decided to do some changes in my life.

First of all, smoking.
 I have smoked since I was 17 years old, so I think it is time to quit, before me and the cigarettes have 10th anniversary. Damn, now that I talk about it, I really wanna smoke... I smoke a lot I think. Well sometimes more than the other times, but still quite a lot. Quitting is not going to be easy, but this time I´m really going to try my hardest!

So when my friend Liine was here, we had fun... Until the next day when I had the worst hang over ever! I couldn´t even move my head! I thought I was going to die. I don´t ever wanna go through that again, so the best way to avoid it, is not to drink. I will drink a glass of wine time to time, but I don´t want to get drunk anymore.

I love working out. The gym is one of my favorite places in the earth. I also love to run. But most of the time, I am too tired, like so tired I could almost cry. And then I end up in the sofa eating snacks and watching TV. So I really want to focus on getting stronger and building a better physique, and that means going to the gym even when I am tired af. 

Lately I have been living on noodles and eggs. Sounds like a weird combo, right? Haha! I found out that there is gluten free noodles in stores, so I had to try. For two weeks, haha! No, but seriously, that is one reason why I feel so tired and sometimes dizzy. It´s amazing how much can diet make a difference on how you feel (that sentence feels weird...). So in order to gain muscle, I must eat as well. Good food! And then I will also try to drink more water. That is something that I am bad at. I always have water with me, but I just don´t drink enough during the day.

So here we are. Wish me luck! 

And have a great new week :-)


lauantai 24. syyskuuta 2016


Good Morning!! 

I don´t know... Maybe I´m too hard on myself. Now that I look at these pictures, they don´t seem SO bad. Not totally what I want, but I think I shouldn´t expect every picture to be perfect, I mean you 
can´t be a pro right away.

My freedoms ends today, I took a shift in a grocery store and tomorrow starts a new work week at the factory. As I have probably told you, it is two morning shifts, two evening and two night and then four days off. Well, actually I think they are kind of fooling us, since the first day off is after a night shift, so you ARE working on that day for six and a half hours and then you have to sleep for a little, so it is not really a free day, is it? 

Another thing. My legs are even worse than they were yesterday! I can´t walk!!! HAHA! And to make it even better, now my abs are on fire as well, haha! Well, good to now that I did something right at the gym. Just that it is not so cool to be at work and not able to move properly, heh. Looks like I have pooped in my pants when I walk. 

I have to get going soon (well in couple of hours, but I have to do some laundry and take Felix for a walk), so have a great Saturday and relax :-)